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Hey all,

Currently, have a line of Wusthof classics. They are good and I absolutely love my rocking motion and a good cleaver...however, I am also looking to take my first steps into the world of a Japanese knife or 2. I do some chicken and fish prep and would love a few recommendations for the tasks.

Cost would ideally come in under $300 for the pair. 

Thanks in advance,
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Hi @whatsinaname, welcome to cheftalk

Which 'pair' are you referring to? Chefs and a meat cleaver? Can you clarify on any other preferences aside from price?

How will they be maintained and sharpened? 
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If you are looking to try out some japanese knives specifically for chicken and fish I would recommend Tojiro.  They ae a great entry level brand and they make some specific knives for your mentioned tasks.  Here are a few links to get you started:

There are other retailers but this is who I use,  That will get you started.  Beware, those 3 knives are very task specific and will differ from what you are used to.
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