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Hello all you chefs and greasy kitchen guys and gals out there!

I am the chef of a restaurant up here in BC, Canada, and I am asking for the advice of some learned colleagues in the field of effective communication with a particular employee/cook who likes to whine, bitch and carry on about every facet of his poor, unlucky life living in the heart of the most beautiful place on earth.

How do I tell this person that his utter negativity is bringing down my people and to knock it off before I deep fry his face? How can I do this without making him cry?

I am getting really annoyed with this, and would like to effectively put an end to this without any bad feelings or me being left short-handed(which really is my only concern).

Could some one help me out, please?

Thanks all.
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I'm not certain as to why you want to approach this with Dale Carnegie like delicacy.  Bad attitudes can spread like cancer in a small business.  It's never going to be a comfortable conversation, but as the dude in charge, It's up to you to suck it up and tell this person that he's bringing the crew down.

Being honest, direct and up front always yields better results.  Sit the guy down, and tell him straight.  Back it up by saying that you appreciate his work, and that what he does he does well, just that its done with a bad attitude.  Ensure that you're directing your comments at his actions, not at him directly.  Chastise the action, not the person.

However, begin, by asking if everything is okay at home, if he's having some kind of personal drama etc.

I had a catering assistant who developed a bad attitude too, and later when I sat her down, found that her dad was very ill in another country, she couldn't go and see him etc..  Knowing the circumstance in that case, allowed me to speak to her in an appropriate manner, tell her that her to watch her attitude in front of the others.  Things vastly improved later that day and from then on.

Good Luck.
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