Need recommendations for best squash/pumpkin to use for pie.

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Title says it all.  We're on a pumpkin pie kick and I've tried the traditional pie pumpkins, hubbard squash and butternut squash.  Anyone have a favorite pie squash?  Any good recipes?  Thanks!
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Generally speaking, the so-called "cheese" pumpkins are best for any culinary purpose, but especially for sweet applications.

The most well known of these is the Connecticutt Cheese, followed by the Long Island Cheese (traditionally the first choice of commercial bakers in the Northeast). But there are a number of others, not all of which have "cheese" in their name, such as Cutchoque Flat, Sowell Ovoid, etc.

I've just started harvesting my patch of KY Flat Tan Field pumpkins, which are in the same group.

Hallmark of these pumpkins is that they are somewhat flattened, and, thus, resemble an old-fashioned cheese box. In addition, most of them are not orange.

Any variety in the group with "sweet potato" as part of its name will be exceptionally sweet, with dense flesh and little stringiness. They'll bear names like Tenessee Sweet Potato, Showell Sweet Potato, and Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato.

Candy Roaster is an exceptional variety, and makes superlative pies.

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