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[h1]  [/h1][h1]Dear Chef-Talk Folks[/h1][h2]  [/h2]
    I am writing to ask about recommendations regarding digital devices for chefs, what devices can be convenient or be of an advantage to a chef?

I have seen few gadgets which may be helpful for chefs such as :
  • Laptops with a camera called Realsense 3d camera which follows a person as if they “see” like the human eye to sense depth in 3d and track human motion.In addition the good thing about this is that the person cooking doesn't have to touch the laptop or get it dirty where he can simply use voice recognition or just use the hand gestures recognized by the camera to handle the laptop from afar. i don't know if this is really that convenient or not as a chef.
         here is a video of it: 
  • A tablet called QOOQ which is rugged and it's safe for it to be in the kitchen as it's Moisture/shock resistant..etc and it has interactive recipes from 100  chefs and 250  videos that provide step-by-step cooking support, accompanied by 500  wine and 450  ingredients pages in addition it has around 3500 recipes which 500 are free recipes and the rest has to be bought.this tablet costs around  500$​ which is a waste of money in my opinion.
         this is their website 

    Therefore, i am looking for other gadgets that can be for chefs including laptops, tablets, notepads which cheftalk may know.

Many thanks for the consideration and time for looking through this thread and i appreciate the help 

Best wishes,

Mal Tensai
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Hey Mal,

Lots of views, no replies eh?  I'll take a stab at this.  

I get spammed with "new technology" all the time. 

Some are actually interesting and have some utility.  Others more half-baked, and like the one example you listed often over-priced and not worth the money or effort.  ROI (return on investment) always has to be top of the list, and since anything new is going to take my sweat to implement there better be a clear pay off!

Some things we've looked at or implemented within the last year or two:

Date Code Genie - prints shelf life labels, also grab n' go labels.  No more looking up shelf lives, hand-writing each label for 20 pizza dough trays, or incomplete labels.  Every fresh-baked cookie we make is now individually wrapped and labeled with full pricing and ingredient info.  I set the shelf lives on line, my prep cook just picks the item and hits "print."  We actually love this, we save 20 - 30 minutes a day not hand-writing labels.

Bluetooth thermoprobes - can't pencil whip line checks.  Line checks are digital on a tablet, just stick the probe in a pan and hit "capture."  

Wireless equipment temp monitors - we're seriously considering pulling the trigger on this.  Mount a small sensor in each cold line unit, and if it goes out of temp it'll send out text and email alerts.  You also have a record of temps so you can identify failing equipment earlier, make better adjustments seasonally to save energy, prove to the health inspector it was in-temp, etc.  Truck driver leave your walk-in door cracked?  Now the GM gets a middle of the night text!  lol
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