Need "old" kosher/passover roasted lamb recipe STAT

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Hi everyone and thank you for the time spent reading this message.

I was just informed that TOMORROW (wed afternoon) that I have to prepare something to help out a friend who is a teacher with her history class.... and I'm extremely pressed for time so I'm calling upon anyone who might be able too, to help.

Thank you in advance.

In a nuttshell:

My friend is a junior high middle history teacher. She is supposed to be teaching her students about the jewish passover, and she just called me up and asked me if I could prepare small bite sized portions of roasted lamb for each of her students to go along with the presentation that she is doing. No big deal right? Just make your basic roasted lamb right?.... nope. There's a curveball.

I have been tasked with trying to find an OLD, old, old old, did I say old... recipe for it.

She wants to be able to tell her students that this roasted lamb is being prepared in a similar way that the hebrews of olden times might have cooked it. Pretty much I have to try and find the oldest, most traditional passover lamb recipe that I can find.

It can't have any of the modern spices or flavorings... no mint jelly, no paprika, etc, etc, that people nowadays might have on their passover lamb. I have to have a truly old school (I don't care how basic) and authentic roast lamb recipe for passover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I have to try to make this tomorrow.

Even if you don't want to type out the recipe... even just a link to one that would work would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone.

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