Need nice dessert place in NYC

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Saturday, my SO and I are going to a Broadway show (probably Phantom or Mama Mia) and dinner afterwards. I want to treat for a nice dessert in the Times Square area.

It doesn't have to be a restaurant-type place, can be just a nice ice cream parlor or something. But it has to be open late.

We can even go uptown or downtown. Maybe in the Village?

Any suggestions?
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Dessert? Chikalicious, where else? In the East Village. NOTHING but desserts. Chika Tillman was the pastry chef at the late Bid, and she's a great chef!

OR: get gelato at Otto, one of Mario Batali's places, at 1 Fifth Avenue (at Eighth Street; entrance is on 8th). Some of the most fabulous gelati anywhere!
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