Need knives for home use

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Most cheap stainless is soft and gummy making them easy to draw a big wire on and difficult to beburr, and they don't hold an edge worth S..t. I wouldn't say you'ld develop bad habits with their use, but it will be a discouraging struggle for you to sharpen, and you don't need that starting out.

Vic/fibrox, though not the easiest, are not difficult to sharpen so no worries there, and you can fix the handles to your liking with a Dremel. On Amazon you can also find the iHomeer, which makes a nice and smallish 8" chefs that's good as a utility knife also, much better steel than the Vic and better grind even, though the Vic is decent there, and the Vic has a better shape for a chefs.

Look at some recent posts and you'll find mention of some very inexpensive carbon knives made in Spain. If you don't mind the little extra maintenance of carbon these will sharpen the easiest and cut the best by far, a dream in comparison to most stainless.

What's the total dollar you want to spend on knives and stones?
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Here is three inexpensive knives i have used in learning to sharpen kitchen type knives, along with some of my sharping stones used.

The small Farberware knife has a very hard stainless steel blade, i found my Coor's stone was the best stone to getting this knife sharp enough to slice paper.

I am posting picture of two Chef style knives that have softer stainless steel blades, and i was able to use my standard Japanese water stones to get them really sharp.

So as you see i am unworried about the dollar amount needed for sharping stones, i just want to be able to sharpen kitchen and Chef Knives, by learning on less costly knives i will keep from mistakes when sharping much higher costing knives i plan on buying.


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Mercer renaissance 7" granton Santoku arrived today.. It's damn sharp!
A bit heavier than expected, but.. for a commercial work knife..
Went (merely pushed?) thru soaked shiitakes like butter! Happy so far! :)
I'll use it a bit before perhaps graduating to a Mac or...
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