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I'm looking for ideas for a outside cooking class to be held next weekend.
I need something I can do in the way of desserts for a demo. Everything needs to be able to travel 4 hours in a cooler with dry ice. I will only have space for two coolers. The group will have a b&b ,napkin and a fork.
We will be working off 4 6ft tables with seating for 100 theatre style. I will have cook tops. I'm trying to think of something that I can prep ahead of time and maybe finish there with some demo.
Any suggestions are welcome.
This is for a charity weekend . I know I should be able to come up with something but we sit on the board and have 1,000,000 other things to do. Maybe you could consider your suggestions donation. Get an idea at , I think it's in schedules.
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Hey Jeff you have spent hours answering questions here.
So although I am not sure that this will be of some help I will propose to you an ancient Greek Recipe of Archestratus the famous ancient Greek Gastronomer :)

It's called Athenean Tyroglyko ( cheese cake)

It's terribly easy for two masters like the Paninis though :)You can prepare the cake and cook it there. It's not special as taste but this recipe is 3000years old!!!!!


Archestratus from Syracuse, the first recorded gourmet, considers this desert
the best desert one may have!
It's simple but in order to be tasteful must be prepared with Athenian honey (
maybe the best in the Mediterranean until today!)


1 portion of dough for tarts
500 gr (18oz)unsalted goat cheese.
3 tsp honey
2 lemons
4 eggs
1 tsb essence of the blossom of orange tree
12 chopped leaves of mint

Put in the blender the cheese, the honey the lemon juice, the eggs and the
essence and stir well. Add the mint and stir a bit more.

Place the mixture in the pan in which you have placed and slightly baked the
dough. Bake it for 30 min until it gets a golden color.
Serve it hot!
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Maybe you could make something like filo nests and finish them off with a warm fresh fruit saute? Something in some type of dessert cup you could make ahead ????? Just a thought
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Are these supposed to be individual sized or family size?

Maybe some sort of custard tart with fresh fruit. You could make shell ahead of time and make custard there.

Cannolli's- bring shells already made and show them how to make filling.

Strawberry shortcake

Dress up a slice of angelfood cake

chocolate soup (served with slices of brioche and fruit)

trifle- individual or large

Does any of that help at all?
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I've done sweet potato crepes with orange cream cheese filling and a bourbon praline sauce...would be ok premade, fill and sauce there. cut in half for a taste serving

How long is your demo....4 6" tables...I guess one is for the demo the rest are to plate your food? I s your demo on going or a certain time slot?

Tea is showing up in sauces these days....guess you gotta gauge your audience.
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Thank you so much, I at least have a lot of things to choose from.
I'm doing this with another chef who is doing something hot. which is the reason for tables.
We're actually outside on a pavillion and a Resort/Spa. It's from 2-4pm. The guests will be attending a gala/auction with lots of 4 star food the same evening.
PS Still have room for anyone interested.
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Jeff is this something that needs to be "instant" no baking just assembling? Will they taste it? Is it to teach or to wow them?
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I have done pineapple sour cherry strudel for demo because the filling is cooked and then baked after filling the phyllo.

Mousses always a hit!

bagles? boiled and baked!

chocolate demo? folks love chocolate!!!

have a great time~:bounce:
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I know I have not given enough info to you all. It's a charity weekend at a nice resort.The fact is that a chef friend of mine and myself auctioned off a dinner last year for 10 people that brought in 9,000. There seems to be an interest in food . So this year while the hubby's are out golfing ,the spouces will Spa and attend a cooking class on the pavillion outside. That's us. 2 hours.

Thanks for the ideas, I like the crepe idea. I also like the phyllo idea. Actually I like all the ideas and appreciate them greatly.I guess we will keep to the Spa side. For food we are thinking Salmon something. This will be resort casual and very informal since I've been on the board for years and am more into BSing then cooking. Most of our guests probably don't do much in the kitchen, so Wendy, it's probably more wow then teach.gtg
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I like a simple crepe maybe with flambed fruit that they could reproduce at home.

Floating islands on a fruit sauced plate. Depending upon the weather, people find spun sugar fasinating (and it's easy to prepare and travel). You could flavor your islands rasp and or drizzle choc. on them instead of sugar.

Biegnets ....pralines.

Assemble napoleans, like roasted sb or banana....use phyllo or chocolate instead of puff.

Grilled fruit
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going with the phyllo nests. Going to have demo plating having fresh fruit spilling and then glacage and burn off the fruit.
Using the crepe idea for the food side, some sort of lobster crepe.
Will post our menu before we leave Thurs. Why rush, right?
Thanks again.

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