Need Ideas for Healthy Microwave Meals

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    Hello All! 

    Small town caterer here. I currently run a small catering biz out of my family winery. Lots of corporate lunches, small dinners, and a pretty good pre-ordered platter business ( I love those easy jobs!). I have been racking my brain for some grab-n-go style microwave meals with a healthy slant. Currently my chicken enchiladas and spinach lasagna rolls are doing well, but I am looking to add a couple of new menu items to the list. Any suggestions? Something that can hold fresh in a deli case for 2-3 days is preferable as I have a fridge I sell out of too.

    Thanks Y'all!
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    You can do about any dish in that manner. Just undercook your meat and vegetables slightly so they can finish in the microwave without drying out. We do meal prep this way, preparing microwave meals for a week at a time. Go to my chef service website and follow it to our blog. I have hundreds of posts with food pictures and descriptions, most of them healthy.
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