need help with wheat bread

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hi everyone,

i am new to the group and am looking for some bread making help.  due to health reason i am having to switch to wheat bread and have tried to make it at home.  my first loaf was a huge fail.  it was so heavy that i am going to end up giving it to my chickens.  my second loaf (different recipe) looks better, but it did not rise like white bread does.  this recipe called for white and wheat flour whereas the first only called for wheat.  any help you can give would be appreciated.  thanks lyne
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Go and post your inquiry at thefreshloaf and you'll get great information for your bread baking journey.

For every 500g of dough use approx 1 heaping tsp of SAF Red Instant Yeast.  And when mixing water into the dry ingredients, ensure that the water temperature is 110-115F.

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