Need help with upscaling recipe for party

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and not sure if this is the right place to post. If not, please guide me to the right section.

I have a recipe that I have been using for quite a while and it makes about 6 servings and I am looking to increase the size for a party.

At the moment, the recipe includes 50g buttermilk, 10g vanilla custard, 260g water, 10g baking powder, 20g custard powder, 5g tapioca starch, 300g flour, 40g margarine, 140g egg whites, 320g sugar. The total is 1,155g.

I am hoping to increase this recipe by 4 times which is 4,620g. I've tried multiplying the recipe by four times, using the baker's percentage (e.g using a base ratio to increase all the ingredients).   I was wondering if any one could shed possible light on other different up scaling methods.

Thanks in advance,
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Your thinking too much with it. Just times every ingredient by 4. Same thing with reducing a recipe just times by your desired amount. i.e .5, .75 etc.

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