Need Help with Sour Dough Stater!!!!!!!

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Hello all!

Well, Last week, I started two sour dough starts. One with rye flour and one with unbleached flour. I am not really sure how they are doing. Every day, I take a little seed, put in a container, add water and four and then mix it up well. I let it sit at room temp for about 8 hours and then before I go home, I place it in the walk in refriderator.

The question is...... how do I know they are doing good? My rye starter is tighter then my other one. My other one is soupier.

I smell them and they smell sour and then I take a little bit and taste it and it tastes sour. However, it doesnt rise a lot when left at room temp.

Can anyone help?????????????


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Isaac, this method is rather difficult in an uncontrolled environment. A more stable method would be to use old dough but it's not as sour as sourdough.

You can also call Karp's and get their sourdough mix. :)

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It sounds to me like they are fine. THe rye starter should be tighter than the wheat one. An active rye starter should look almost like clay, but be softer. If you began from scratch it can take up to two weeks to get a starter going. You will know it's healthy and ready to go when it triples in volume in 8-12 hours. One thing you didn't mention was the % of water and flour you are using.
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