Need help with my foccacia

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I found a really terrific recipe for foccacia in The Best Recipes by the guy who does Cook's Illustrated. The first time I made it my dh and I were blown away by it. It was light and had lots of great air bubbles. Yummy. The second time I made it (I think the next day :) I doubled the recipe and made 4 circles instead of 2 rectangular shapes. It bombed. I attributed it to the recipe being doubled.

I made a single recipe the same day, the same way I made it the first time and it still was not as light and airy as the first one.

It starts with a small sponge and you grate a boiled potato into it. I nuke the potato instead of boiling it in the water.

Any suggestions on what to look for or how to increase light & fluffiness?
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You can multiply your recipe MUCH larger and it won't have any negative effect for this type of item.

So you either made a mistake in your math when you increased it...or you didn't let it proof as long as you did the first time you made it. You could have also over proofed it and it colapased in your oven.

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