Need help with making Beef and Noodles for 100

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I have been tasked with making beef and noodles for our annual church dinner after Thanksgiving. I really would like to make this ahead and freeze as I have dinner for family and relatives to prepare as well. Any advice would be great appreciated. I have never frozen noodles and feel if I mix everything together and freeze, the noodles would be mushy and pasty. Thank you, Mike
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The beef part is fairly easy, but noodles?
All I can think of is an enormous pot of water (or stock) and instant noodles.
Then some of those Asian noodle colander thingies and pull out, throw with the meat and serve.
Rice would be much easier.
If it it supposed to be like a noodle soup, it sounds doable. If like a stir fry, on the other hand......
Freezing doesnt work very well for noodles (instant, rice or egg noodles, no experience with other types)
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