Need help with fruit displays

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I've been told that our fruit displays need ramping up.. head office was in a couple of weeks ago and they said our displays are "boring" and frankly they have been since Christmas so we have to do something about that.

So what I'm looking for is some simple ideas that we can use to incorporate into our fruit displays. Not everyone has the ability to make birds and animals out of fruit, so ideas ranging from easy to advanced would be awesome.

This is what I've come up with so far..

-carving into the skin of melons the corporate logo
-simple animals like monkeys using melons
-more variety in the fruits we display (hard in winter I know but we can be creative..)
-using different baskets, etc to help with a themed sort of display
-during holiday seasons, seasonal themes for the displays..

If you guys have any more suggestions, and even how to's I would appreciate it! I'm going to put together a manual for people to refer to when they're doing the displays. It's always going to be a work in progress but I think it is something that new people will appreciate when they are told... you are responsible for the fruit display... Our chain has a huge fresh fruit focus and the first thing you see when you walk into any of our locations is the fruit display so it has to have the wow factor going on. (then you can look past the display into our open kitchen..)

Thanks in advance!
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Hey, go all Duff Goldman on them, add fireworks.

or see if you can get some fresh flowers or tall grasses that will help accentuate the fruits, heck add some veges if you could eat them raw. finding old wooden packing crates and stools and such would be good also I agree. The corporate logo would be fun if the big boss was in town. How's your ice sculpting?
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Oh I'd love to add fireworks but where I'm thinking of shoving them isn't on the fruit display and has alot to do with the head office rep... :mad:

We made some animals today using fruits and people loved it.. I think that's something we can continue to do, as the fruit won't go to waste after being made into an animal..we'll take it apart and use it for cut fruit in fruit cups. We have some baskets etc that we can use as well for fruit displays and that's something we can work on too.

If we had someone who could do ice sculpting it would be awesome but not happening with the staff we have...

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