Need help with donut icing!

Joined Jun 11, 2015
I am making homemade icing for maple and chocolate donuts, but now need to make it in larger amounts since I am making alot more donuts.  My problem is two fold:  with the maple icing it takes a long time for the powdered sugar to dissolve in the maple mixture.  Does anyone have a better technique for maple icing?  I use maple syrup, butter, maple extract and water as needed.  

I don't have alot of experience with chocolate, but I have trouble with the chocolate icing seizing up too quickly and I need to continually stop and return the mixture to the heat and add water to obtain the consistency I need to cover the donuts smoothly.  As I stated, I need to start making this icing in bulk and ahead of time.  All suggestions/comments are appreciated!  
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