Need help with danish dough please

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I have the Culinary Institutes book, Baking & Pastry. I'm determined to make some New York style danish (can't be had here in SC and I'm a New Yorker)
The directions for the danish dough are fairly straightforward, BUT, I haven't a clue what "roll in" butter is. It's listed that way with the ingredients. I can't find an explanation in the book.....can someone please help?
Thanks so much
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I believe it is the technique whereby you flatten the dough, put a flat chunk of butter that covers a third of the dough, fold like a letter, roll out, chill, fold again, roll out, chill again, etc. Like making puff pastry. Look up puff pastry recipes.
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"Roll in" butter is as far as I know butter used to roll between the folds. you roll out the dough into a rectangle, then roll out the 'roll in butter' into a rectangle about the same width just about 1/4" narrower and 2/3 the length of the dough. place the Roll in on the dough lined up with say the left edge (assuming the left-right is the long direction of your rectangle) of the dough and do a 3 fold by folding the right edge to just past the middle then the left edge over that to the new right edge of the dough roll it down chill and repeat xx number of times to generate the layers. I believe some mix some flour with that butter to make rolling/handling it easier, I am sure others have a better description that I did.

Good luck with your danish I never had the nack for pastry I stick with basic breads.
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"Roll in butter" for Danish is a little different than making croissant dough, give Siduri and MasterSniper props for coming close.

Here's how:

1. Freeze a block of butter (in the amount specified); and freeze your box grater too.

2. Spread a double layer of wax paper on your board -- or better yet on a marble or granite countertop. Even Formica is better than wood.

3. Use the coarse side of the box grater to (wait for it) grate the butter. Spread the gratings as evenly as possible in a rectangle or square a little smaller than the size your recipe suggests for the danish dough. This usually means an 8 to 10 inch square.

4. Cover the butter with another sheet of wax paper and roll it out to about 1/4" thick.

5. Peel off the cover, and transfer the butter to the top of your rolled out danish dough.

6. Continue as your recipe directs.

Hope this helps,
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