Need help with cookies

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I'm trying to bake lemon cookies according to the recipe below.
I used a food processor and I think I followed every instruction. However, cookies turned out like the pic below. I must have missed something but I have no clue.
I'm a self-taught home baker please help!

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Hey, the cookies don't look too bad but i think instead of making the mixture using a food processor you can just mix it with a wooden spoon. If the food processor was a high speed the mixture might go sticky because of over mixing, so you can try it on a medium low speed.Also you need the egg yolks and unsalted butter at room temperature. Once ready the mixture also needs to be refrigerated for 3 hours.

I hope this might help you. 
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Posting the recipe helps so that we know the ingredients and steps taken to produce the cookies helps so that we can fine tune your technique to get you the perfect cookie. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I believe the recipe and discussion was in an earlier thread - maybe a week or two ago.
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Thanks for that @BrianShaw  !! 

@clementine  So then in light of the other threads you have already posted on this same matter.......what is your issue?? Considering of course that you have had more than your fair share of appropriate answers, is there something more you are looking for??

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