Need help with chocolate making equipment for significant other

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Hello all,

First off, I know nothing about chocolate, other than that it is delicious and I can eat a lot of it.

Short story even shorter - My girlfriend has had a long time interest in chocolate, and has recently decided to go to school part time to see if it is right for her. Since christmas is coming up, I decided to get some brownie points and get her some essential equipment, for around $200 (up in good ol' Canada).

I can pay for it online, go pick it up, whatever. Basically, I am looking for advice for the key equipment that fits in line with my budget, and if you know of items that will be needed along the way to tell me about them as well.

Thanks for all the (future) responses and the day she makes me chocolate I'll eat a piece for you.

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First thing, molds.  Check out D & R in Montreal (www. but I'm warning you, 200 bucks won't go far.....

Rubber spatulas, s/s bowls, a food processor, a marble sab, all nice and within budget.

For the biggest, warmest hug and.....? I strongly suggest a book, called:

"Chocolates and confections" Formula, theory, and technique for the artisanal confectioner.

Peter P. Grewling

isbn: 978-0-7645-884-0

I picked mine up at Barbara Jo-s a specialty bookstore for cooks in Vancouver, but I have seen it in Chapters, and of course you will find it on line.  Under a 100 bucks.

Hope this helps 
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