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    Hi. I am a culinary student from Serbia, and i am in desperate need of assistance... I have a practical exam coming in about 2 weeks and i do not have any great gastronomic (as my professor would say) ideas for what i am gonna make... My theme is North America, so anything that is typical for that region can come in to consideration, things like salmon, cranberry's, potato's... I have failed this exam a few times already and every time my professor says "This is good from the culinary point of view, but not from the gastronomic point. This is NOT gastronomy my son!" So any help will be appreciated, modern and cool recipes, pictures on how to decorate and serve the food...

    Thanks in advance to everyone. :)
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    Hello I'm from the UK so others here will be more qualified to help you.

    May I say that your use of the English Language is splendid.