Need help with a ceiling mount pan rack.

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I've run out of cabinet space and need a ceiling mount pan rack. Ceiling height is only 8 ft and it will be suspended over an island. I'll be hanging 15-20 all-clad and calphalon pots, pans, frying pans etc. I'd like some accomodation for covers as well. Nothing longer than 36" , width isn't quite as important.

Any suggestions for durable, well made racks with lots of hooks and not too much height will be greatly appreciated.


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i like my calphalon rack, it's the grey one. it's suspended from chain and we made sure to grab into the studs for security. i ended up ordering extra hooks for it, i have about 14 pans on it + utensils. i paid around $100 for it a few years back at a kitchen and bath store. i would think they still make them.
p. s. there's a thread on here somewhere that goes into more detail.
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I found a rack with great hardware - and extra hooks - in several finishes at The Container Store.

If you don't have a stud finder, get one. Make sure your eyebolts are screwed into ceiling joists, or you could be in for a big, noisy suprise. And maybe a big headache. :rolleyes:

I would abslouetly not trust toggle bolts thru your ceiling drywall! All them pots and pans together get pretty heavy.

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