Need help to put together Christmas dinner!

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I'm sick and tired of traditional Christmas food, so I'm going to be making something completely different this year. I have planned out most of the main dish, but I need someone to tell me what they think of this! 

So, I will be making a warm romanesco, potato, fennel and kale salad (dressing??? Nothing vinegary! Seasoning/flavoring??? I've thought about adding some orange/grapefruit wedges to the salad, but that might make the dinner too citrusy...) and with it, I'll be serving roast chicken flavored with saffron, fennel seeds and mandarin fruit. I'm going to squeeze the juice of two mandarins and some lemon juice onto the chicken, so that will be some sort of moisture in the dish. If I make this, will the dish be too dry, if so, what could I make to accompany it? Any suggestions for change to make it even tastier?



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Salt and pepper your chicken inside and out.  That helps.  Also if you truss it, cut the strings at the end of the roasting process and baste the area between the thigh and the body.

Citrus doesn't really help with the moisture, good technique does.  :D
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You could brine that bird and the moisture problem would be moot.....

 [thread="87962"]Ration For Brining Chicken​[/thread]  

Just pick a recipe and add the citrus to it (add and adjust the juice according to the amt of liquid).

You could also add zest under the skin.

I just picked a thread at random there are many more on CT just search brine.

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Not really knowing what romanesco was (thought it was a technique as "In the style of") the images threw me.

A kinda creepy underwater alien looking veg IMO but I will have to track some down.

I do admit leading a fairly sheltered veg life lol but being from Texas, I consider all preparations of the potato as well as iceberg lettuce salad with a gallon of Ranch dressing to be our main veg offering to the food pyramid.


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