Need help to modify recipe


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I have this recipe that calls for almond extract and I would like to add almond paste. 

Here is the recipe ingredients:

10 oz sugar

3/4 C butter

2 eggs

1 t almond extract

1 t vanilla extract

1/2 t salt

7 1/2 oz. flour

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Extract and paste have entirely different physical characteristics so you would have to come up with a totally different recipe.  ALmond paste is ground almonds, so the cake would become dense and heavy, a consistency like clay.  it would even be hard to incorporate it into the dough or batter. 

Almond extract is something you use by the teaspoon and is a liquid.  If you like the taste of almond extract, you would need a lot of almond paste to get it, and only if the almond paste has included bitter almonds, which not all has. 
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The 2 are not the same and you will not get the results you're looking for no matter how you modify it. You can substitute another extract for the almond but not paste it's texture and consistancy are completely different.
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