Need help to find the right information for LP Rate Per burner

Joined May 18, 2015
I am looking to by a WOLF LP Professional gas Rangetops - it's hard to find the exact information,  but If i order from the Wolf an applancie that is ordder for LP gas directely what would be the exact rate per burner on LP gas for the model SRT366-LP . I am also looking to by a DCS CVP-366-L (L=Propaine) and i would like to find the exact rate per burner on LP gas for that model thanks if it is order en Propane gas
Joined May 25, 2015
I've never had the opportunity to compare similar ranges, one NG and the other LP. But from what I can find and my own experience they should be similar BTU wise, at least that you will not notice any difference except maybe in your wallet. Perhaps a call to the manufacturers would be more definitive.
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