Need Help Starting Cookery at wiliam Angliss - Knife Selection

Joined Jan 24, 2017
I'm Starting a cookery course at William Angliss with the hope of getting an Apprenticeship within the next few months.

Ive been looking at knifes for my course and i need some help selecting a good quality knife

Im pretty keen on a Torjio DP 3 240mm

However i can't decide on the rest of my knifes im leaning between Furi and Wusthof 

Ive Felt Both the Furi ( Brothers Set and Wusthof )

My Course Requires

Cooks Knife 20cm

Boning Knife

Paring Knife 9cm

Bread knife 25cm

Turning Knife

Im Assuming a Filleting knife would be handy too

I also need help with selecting the right stones for sharping the Torjio was going to go with maybe a 1k/4k with a 8k for polishing

Thanks In Advance for any advice you can give me
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