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    Hi, I came on here hoping somone can help with something I am having an issue with,
    I recently started in a hotel close by to where I live, I've been working there just over 3 months now
    I really hate working there all because , there is about 3 chefs there that dont seemed burnt
    Out and have a good cv, I'm finding it hard to listen to the chefs less experienced
    They tell me that we only do it one way around here and that's it so I don't mind following
    Recipes, because that's part of it and without recipes there is no consistency ,
    How ever when they tell me too do something and then another chef tells me to do it another
    Way I feel like there all just working on there own initiative, and I'm left thinking do the give
    A dam about what there doing, these same chefs always pick out what I'm doing wrong
    And announce it aloud, so everyone can hear it, and these same chefs are cow boys cheats around doing the
    Job right, and try tell me what to do when they can't do there job right, it's just hard to listen
    When you know the right to do what they are doing,
    I'm only a chef 6 years I've worked in a Michelin star restaurant for about 6 months and all my other
    Experience is fine dining, I'm still learning but its driving me crazy should I stay or should I
    Or am entirely mad, and I'm just over reacting, I've put up with shit in kitchens especially in my
    First three years, so it's not a matter of being yelled at or anything like thay
    I don't mind the antics of a chef lifestyle either,
    So I just need help to what to do, because I'm extremely passionate about what I do
    And I love food so much but I don't feel happy where I am.