Need help making candies for V-Day :)

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Hey all, I am a trained cook but do not have very much experience making chocolates for a certain special someone. It doesn't make it much easier with the fact that this person can not eat processed sugar. She consumes agave though.
Where do I start to make my girlfriend a handmade box of candies for Valentines day? Any advice on fillings? I want to get started asap and any help is appreciated! :roll:
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will this ia all sweet but to make alot of chocolates without processed sugar is going to be some work. processed sugar is in everything so i really dobnt know how i can help i will ask my other chefs if they have any help for you so i will get back to u on this.
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Have no clue, but just googled 'agave candy recipes' and got lots of information - good luck!
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oh you are kinda sweet and romantic huh..
hmm..sorry but i don't have also idea for better search it in google..
im sure you will find out on how will you make candies or chocolates for you gf..
well gud luck! ^_^:chef::beer:
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