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    Dear chef-talk gentlemen

      I am a home cook and i tried making ramen before and a matter came up on my mind so i have a question regarding something in japanese ramen.

      Now i know ramen consists of 4 common parts which are the soup, tare or style, noodles, and toppings my question is regarding the soup. I always see broth or stock used as the soup i never seen stews, braises, meat jus, gravy or others used in ramen.

    how come and would it be possible to use them as soup or is there a certain rule or reason that these can be used?

      Therefore i am requesting your input on this matter and  please help me on this getting this inquiry solved.

    Many thanks,

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    Lookup tsukamen ramen. Is that really ramen?

    What youre really asking is if you make a completely different dish like beef stew and throw ramen noodles in, is it ramen? Thats too philosophical for me. I will say words have meanings and if I order ramen on a menu I have certain expectations and would be disappointed if they are not met.