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Pork neck bones .... the only recipes that I have really been able to find are for slow cooked neck bones served with rice which is a deep southern style dish ... which is good but I am looking to ante up the deal .. meaning I want to do something different or at least bring the ingredient up to a somewhat higher level.

Any and all help/recipes will be greatly appreciated
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Sounds very tasty but I am missing entirely way to many ingredients to even begin to attempt it. But thanks for the input I think I will find I good recipe and save it for later use.
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Try a Bolonese using the neck bones and some spicy sausage, tomato based with whatever, serve it over some fresh rigatoni.
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Have you considered using them as a garnish to a more prestigious cut of pork? Maybe making a slow-cooked ragu out of them with mirepoix, stock, sage, a little tomato, plonk a rib chop down on top and garnish with some crisped pancetta pieces?
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Pork neck bones in kraut are one of my favorites, I do the same recipe in the summer with rib trimmings. You could play with the seasonings in this and use it to top just about anything.
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I love neck bone chops in a long cooked onion and tomato base.  Bay leaves, dried sage, lots of seasoning, bit of white wine, tomato paste (puree?) served either with potato mash or boiled rice.  Yummers.  You can take the bones out and shred/chunk up the meat if preferred.  I like dried oregano and hot or smoked paprika to taste as well.  Add chicken stock if it's getting too dry, or if it's getting to thin at the end of cooking after a couple of hours, thicken with some cornflour(cornstarch) mixed with a splash of water.

Chillis would work well with this as well, but I'd probably leave out the oregano in that case.

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