Need help for choosing a pastry school in Australia or Malaysia . Thx

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Hi all top pastry & baking chef 
I'm new on this site & I'm 30yrs old guy, from Malaysia. I just migrate to Sydney , Australia . I'm at my totally non-baking and pastry day job ...However , I've been thinking lately of taking a very courageous step towards changing my career . I love Pastry and baking so much , I hope it's not too late ,  I wish I had done it ten years earlier !!  Anyway , I hope that chef can help me in regards of Pastry schools choice , up to 6-12 months courses & hope you don't mind to share with me some of your Pastry and baking journey too  .  

What are the most renowned ones in Malaysia & Australia ? I've been checking online many schools & course options & until now I cannot decide on any ! There's the Academy of Pastry Arts in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia , Patisserie Academy in Tafe Sydney , Savour patisserie school Melbourne... sounds like a good one . ( condon bleu is over my budget ) /img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif

Thank you so much in advance./img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif  

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