Need help finding green bean

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I am wondering if anyone can help... About 5 years ago I was sitting in a hotel bar in San Francisco and ordered a bloody mary. Instead of the usual celery, there was a hardy green bean that was pickled in jalapeno juice. I would love to find these beans, the thing that made them different is that they were somewhat furry/fuzzy on the outside and very crisp. Any ideas? If I can find fresh ones, I'd be happy to try and make them myself.
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Do you remember what hotel bar that was? It would be easy to call up the hotel from where I'm at...

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You eat edamames in the shell? Hogue Farms does commercial pickled green beans, aren't some of the Italian beans furry, I think so.
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It was not edamame, I have a farmer friend who supplies me with the plant so I can pick off the beans myself, so I know they are too small for what I had previously.

These were 7-9 inches long. If italian beans are fuzzy, I would like to know what they are called and info on sources.
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