Need help finding a good book

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hello and thank you in advance for everyone that take the time to read

i am looking for a good book or website or anything that i can learn thing like 

protease that break down protean  and why 

and all technical teaching 

i dont even know if these teaching go a name  like molecular coking or they go in the technique 

i need your help 
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The Curious Cook by Harold McGee or CookWise by Shirley O. Corriher. Both are excellent bokks on food science.

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If it's Molecular Gastronomy you are talking about I would suggest Molecular Gastromomy by Herve This. Not as major an investment as the Modernist Cuisine book. The other book you might want to look for is Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking. This book is credited with being the primary source for all that has followed in molecular gastronomy. 
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