Need help finding a bread supplier in Florida.

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Hi folks, just found the forum, I like it already.

Cutting to the chase, I work at a young, small sandwich shop in central Florida and we use about 20-40 dozen sandwich baguettes per week. Our bread supplier, a mom-and-pop that custom-baked for us, just decided to call it quits and become a distributor for a much larger operation. We found this out yesterday when the bread order came and it was not our usual product, but an absolutely terrible excuse for it. I'm talking list of about 30 ingredients, no density, weak crust, no flavor white bread vaguely shaped like a baguette. Clearly we can't serve this garbage, and all we have is about a day's worth of the good bread leftover.

We need a new supplier, can any of you provide some knowledge here? There are a couple of other bakeries around town, but they're overpriced and inconsistent, I'm thinking something in Orlando or Jacksonville?


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Have you looked into Shipyard Emporium? Im a line cook there, not in the bakery, but those guys sell ALOT of really great bread to local restaurants. the guys name is Arby and hes pretty amazing. No clue on his prices though. theres also Olde Hearth bakery but I know they are overpriced. dont have his number but I could get it in a day or two if your interested.

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