Need help! Chinese chicken stalk

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I knew the chef at my high school, he made a chinese chicken stalk everyday for lunch, you got the noodles then poured in the doup, anyway he told me he used boxed or store bought chicken stalk.
The ingrediants are:
Chicken stalk
Powdered Ginger
Rice wine vinegar
Green onions at the end.
If any of you have worked with anything like this it would be so helpful, he doesnt know the portions because he uses such large quantities. Thanks


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You can just simmer a liter or quart of low sodium chicken stock with about an ounce of shao hsing wine, a few rounds of sliced ginger for 15-20 minutes.  Options to consider adding in for the simmer for how you want the finished product: a crushed garlic clove,  a star anise if you want that anise hint. Season with soy and black pepper, vinegar if you want, but that's more condiment  for this purpose than primary seasoning. Same for the green onion, it's more of serving it than preparing it. 

Just my thoughts. 
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