Need help and have questions concerning making Brioche

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Starting off I have never made this bread before but reading the recipe list of several different suggested ways to make the bread it sounds delicious....OK so here goes      
1) I have a 6 qt. Kitchen Aid mixer, can it handle the mixing time this bread needs?
2) Almost ever recipe calls for cutting the dough into balls and placing them in the pan in a row or side by side.... why is this done because I can't for the life of me figure out why I would want to make a loaf of bread like that,  why not just shape the dough into a loaf and put it in the pan?

I was wanting to make it mainly for my wife to eat in the morning for breakfast before work and to use as French toast and of course I understand it makes pretty good sticky buns as well as other things I'm sure.

Any and all input on this is greatly needed and appreciated as I would really love to make this bread but I don't want to kill my mixer doing it.

Thanks in advance
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It's the recipe. 

Most Brioche are made into what are called "Tetes' de Parie"  Special molds are used for this purpose. The molds are individual, moderately tall and fluted. A small bit of dough is rolled into a ball and pinched on the top to form the "Tete."

There is no reason why you can't mold the dough into a loaf and go from there.
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Be careful with the kitchen aid, I burned one up fresh out of the box making brioche at home.
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Be careful with the kitchen aid, I burned one up fresh out of the box making brioche at home.

Don't tell me let me kneaded the dough higher than setting #2.........
I know they had a ban run of mixers - The HD/Commercial-size nixers had some plastic gears in them. I think they started using real gears now: Maybe made from pot metal instead of plastic, but a little better none-the-less.
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I don't begin to understand your reference to mixing time. First off, used on the proper setting (no higher than 2 for doughs) you KA will run two days longer than forever with no problems.

Brioche is actually an easy dough for it, because you never actually knead it. Brioche amounts to being a slack dough, because of the eggs and high butter content. In fact, it's the richest of the enriched doughs, and serves as a standard for them, precisely because of that. All you're actually doing is mixing the ingredients to combine them thoroughly. There's no reason your KA should even break a sweat with it, let alone labor to get the job done.

BTW, if you've paid attention during your research, you'll find that the only substantial difference in brioche recipes is the amount of butter used.

As to loaf formation, ChefRoss pretty well summed it up. Traditionally, the brioche molds she describes are the way to go. They're readily available in several sizes. But if you prefer regular bread, just use bread pans (a typical recipe will fill two 4 1/2 x 8 1/2 pans). Unless you're well versed in handling slack doughs, I would not attempt a free-standing brioche.
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