Need help about pasta!!

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Hi there,
can anybody help me making a traditional pasta to a rocking new one with some interesting flavors..............

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hey hey,

i make an awesome/easy pasta by tossing al denta pasta (preferably fresh pasta) with blanched spinach, lemon juice, feta cheese, dill weed, and some green scallions -- so delicious, easy, HEALTHY (gotta get in that spinach -- you'll be amazing how a whole bag of spinach will shrink down to just a cup!), and fast.  you can blanch the spinach in the cooking water for the pasta (during the last 30 seconds of cooking the pasta), and drain it together.....

let me know if you try it!
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If you're asking about actually making your own pasta, I've got some great tricks.

You can color basic pasta dough with pureed sauteed spinach or roasted red peppers to make it green or red.
The basic recipe of 1 cup semolina flour to two eggs needs to be altered because of the extra moisture from the additives.
I either hold back one of the egg whites, or add a little more flour to desired consistency.

Now, cut your red and green pasta doughs into fettuccini strips.
Then, alternate stripes of red and green fettuccini on top of a piece of uncolored pasta dough.
Run this through the pasta press and you have "racing stripe" ravioli dough.

It makes a great presentation.

Chef Todd Mohr
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What a fun idea, Todd /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif

I could SO get carried away playing with different coloured pastas and my trusty pasta press...

One quick question, though.  Whenever I hang my pasta to dry I get bits that turn super crusty when the rest isn't quite ready yet.  Is that inevitable or am I doing something really wrong?  (Usually hang strips and sheets over a broomhandle in a quiet corner of the kitchen)
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Are you asking about just kicking up your pasta sauces a notch or two?  I tend towards basic, simple stuff, like "true" alfredo or bacon and egg carbonara or zesty Italian sauage with cream - not much help in the creativity department here.

What I will recommend though is making use of anchovies.  Lots of folks claim they don't like them, and would recoil at the sight of a small slab of overly salty, oily fish on their dinner.  But discretely cooked into a sauce they add a nice touch of body and flavor that is hard to get otherwise.

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one of my favourite Pasta recipes is Spaghetti Milanaise, which is spaghetti in a tomato sauce with diced ham and mushrooms, oregano, basil, brown sugar, garlic, seasoning, and maybe some freshly grated parmesan on top. i also like to serve this dish with a boned and breaded chicken leg escalope.

i also like to make my own version of Pasta Carbonara: diced onions saute'd in butter with dried thyme, then add white wine and reduce to 1/3rd, add double cream, seasoning, and reduce until the required sauce consistency is achieved. correct the seasoning and mix with hot cooked pasta.
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When zucchini (courgettes) are in season, grate up as many as you need for the amount of pasta.  Cook your pasta as usual, have a hot serving bowl ready.  Drain pasta - into hot bowl.  Toss the zukes into it and mix well, adding grated parmigiano and butter/EVOO plus S&P to taste.  Delish.

Teamfat - I'm with you on the anchovies.  mash them into a sauce or even just olive oil and butter - they melt away leaving a great flavour.
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