Need half sheet pan baking ideas

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I bake desserts for a homeless center every Tuesday. I am constantly looking for ideas that are do-able in a half sheet pan. I need 150 servings. Suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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What are you looking for?

Most any cake recipe can be multiplied.

Is cost an issue here?


OBTW.... thanks for trying to make a difference.

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Double any recipe that is for a 9x13 (or quarter sheet). There are a ton of recipes out there on the net that will suit the pans you have to use. 

What do you make already?
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Not really a cost issue. I am looking for authentic, true recipes. I have been through a 10 week pastry course, with a professional parstry chef, but obviously I am still learning. I do not have any full sheet cake recipes. They are hard to find! But, even if I did are the recipes  true. I also went through a 28 week professional chef course and find that both pastry and 'food' recipes are not always true. I understand that food can be measured by one's own taste and technique, etc... not with baking. Any help would be awesome. I'm having fun serving our less fortunate and I hope they know what a blessing they are with their warm hopeful smiles.  Thank you very much for any help.
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Of course it can with baking, as long as you keep the ratios intact. I bake all the time eyeballing everything, every once in a while I jack it up but that's literally once or twice a year.
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Not sure why you keep on saying "true, authentic" recipes for baking? Obviously you have some things in mind? I have 1000's of different recipes however, in baking (and like @laurenlulu  has said) ratios are the way to go. You really need to be more specific.
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Dessert Bars are very easy and store well. Crumb Bars, Blondies, Date Bars,etc. You can also load up on the nutrition with oats, fruit, nuts, etc.

They can also be wrapped up in a napkin for later.
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Ina's white cake

Chef Mary Bergin's Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Pumpkin Spice Cake Bars

Candied Bacon Baklava

Walnut Crust Cheesecake

Lemon Curd Bars

Macadamia Nut Cake Brownies
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ATK's recipe for Texas Sheet Cake is AWESOME @awestlaker  and calls for a half sheet pan.

I've got that here somewhere, but maybe you are already subscribed to America's Test Kitchen website?
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