Need books and supplies for the fall 2013 semester? Please check this out! (Not spamming you I prom

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    As you know school is starting up again soon and I know as culinary students there are a lot of things you may need whether it be books or kitchen supplies for your classes and it can be expensive.  I have had an Amazon account for a couple of years now and I recently joined Amazon Student which is a membership on Amazon that gives students FREE two day shipping on text books and other things. Now as for the other supplies you might want Amazon student comes with a FREE 6 month trial of Amazon Prime which is basically gives you 6 months of FREE two day shipping on a bunch of stuff on amazon not just text books.  Now if you want you can extend the Amazon Prime for $39 a year instead of the $79 they normally charge but I just opted out of continuing the Amazon Prime after the 6 months because I know there is another charge for it and they tell you how to go about making sure it doesn't start if you don't want it for the whole year.  If you are interested please copy and paste the following url into your browser to join or find out more. . This is not spam lol I promise I'm just spreading the wealth lol.  I hope you all do well this year in your culinary studies!

    Grace and peace guys! =)
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