Need an ingredient ID

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I picked this up at a Mexican food store out of curiosity:

I have absolutely no clue what they are, though presumably they're used for making stock. Even with the bag sealed, there's quite a pungent smell coming off of them.

Searching "Charal Cambray" returns absolutely nothing that makes sense to me. Does anyone here have any info on them? Are there any traditional recipes associated with them?
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To Filipinos they are 'dilis'....dried anchovies. Common throughout Asia as a protein source with a good shelf-life. Usually fried off and eaten with vinegar/soy/chilli type sauces (& rice) or added to vegetable dishes for flavour and crunch.

If you think the bag smells dodge wait till you apply some heat! I tried to ban them but my wife's the boss of me....I keep saying you gotta fridge now, honey!

Might be able to tweak up an interesting Caesar dressing/salad on a deconstruction/reconstitution level since anchovies aren't cheap and the shell-life of these is indefinite....

I remember walking past a series of shops in Japan that only sold all kinds of dried fish that were hanging on display. It was surreal.....everthing shades of looked like the fish market of Pompei!

Maybe try this for authenticity....
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BDL, I think you've got it with that one. Working through a few translators, the words "chub" and "minnow" seem to pop up. Which species of the various types isn't something I'm going to try to ID from these guys.

Either way, I'm guessing it's not going to be much off dried anchovey to work with, though the smell is more pungent than I'm used to. Titomike, I'll have to give the recipe a try.
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