need an expert advice for Classic French Croissant

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Hello Everyone, 

I am working on perfecting my croissant - just the classic French way. 

As there are so many experienced chefs on this forum, I would appreciate some advice on on following issues which i faced while making croissants;

1) Should the initial dough be mixed to the extent of full gluten development (window stage) or just the partial gluten development ?

2) As i did my studies in Paris where we only used fresh compressed yeast, but in my country of origin i only have instant dry yeast available? Can someone confirm to me the ratio to convert one to the other?

3) In my city, most time of the year its very hot and humid (usually 30+ degrees Centigrade) . With the use of air conditioner the temp of the room could be brought down to 25 degrees. In such a weather it becomes very hard to work with butter and very time consuming if you have to put the dough in refrigerator after every fold. Is there any alternative to using normal butter? Or is there some special technique to avoid quick melting of butter? (P.S. I tried making these croissants with dry butter which i bought from Paris and brought home with me. It gave me a tough time making a respectable croissant in this heat and humidity. Dry butter is not available anywhere else. Therefore i am more interested in finding an alternative technique or ingredients to it)

4) After 3 three-fold turns, the top most layer of dough became very vulnerable and prone to tearing? Even though i was being very careful with handling the dough, rolled it out very gently with rolling pin (not using sheeter at this stage) it still ripped off easily!

5) When I kept them for proofing, they rose to double their size and sprang back on touch, but some parts of the croissants broke (like when you stretch something elastic and it breaks into two pieces). Any idea to why this happened?

I would appreciate some expert opinion and light shed on these issues. Would be grateful :)

Looking forward to knowledgable discussion here. 
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