Need advise - I want to start a pastry business but I don't cook-Want to hire a Chef for my business

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by pastry partner, Mar 15, 2014.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have an idea for a product that is organic and gluten free. Unfortunately, I do not have the culinary experience.

    I would appreciate any advise on how and who (Professional Chefs or Student Chefs) to hire to develop an original recipe. I also need advise on the pay and the type of contract. 

    Actually, I open to any input, recommendations and advise to a new small business owner in-training.

    Thank you.
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    Advise I was given 50 years ago and it still holds true.

    ""NEVER  go into a business you know nothing about.""   And I will add  ''  If you have employees make sure you can their job in case they quit or walk out on you

       .'' Make some samples and go to existing bakeries and see if they can make it for you. Then cut a deal with them, they make it you distribute it.
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    As someone who cooks quite a bit and has relatives with celiac disease I can tell you a bit about the gluten free market.

    Organic usually means expensive and gluten free also usually means expensive, most people buying gluten free stuff are not trying to buy organic health food they just want more affordable better tasting food.

    While organic/gulten free appeals to a certain market the majority of people with celiac disease (who cant eat gluten due to an autoimmune disease - not doing it as a fad diet) are concerned more with taste and value rather than branding/packaging.

    I know people that get really annoyed when gluten free products get "improved" by making them dairy free, organic or any other thing that restricts the ingredients used to replace he gluten... Terms like organic would honestly turn a lot of people off buying looking for a nieche market within a nieche market is why nobody else is doing what you are thinking..
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    This reminds me of a scene I witnessed at a trade show concerning water filters.  The customer wanted to know how well the filter worked with a certain contaminent, forget which one. 

    -The hawker insisted the filter was excellent and could filter out any contaminent. 

    -Yes, but how well?  What PPM concentration?

    -Hawker again insisted the filter was excellent and just buy it and shut up.

    -Customer walks away

    -Hawker turns to me, and asks, Well?!! Whats a PPM (parts per million)?! and with attitude, too....

    So I get very upset when someone wants to start up a business when they have no idea what they're getting into.  

    Ed B. offers some very wise advice about employees as well.  If you don't know what they're doing, or if they're cutting corners, or stealing from you, how can you supervise them?