Need advice on a stove/range: dual-fuel preferred

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Sometime in the next couple years we will be undergoing a full kitchen renovation, I'm starting the search for my range/stove now so the kitchen can be designed around it. I'm a bit overwhelmed or dazed at the number of options.

The kitchen is 14-1/2 feet wide and almost 18 feet long, will have cabinets/sink/appliances along the long walls, and an island in the middle. One end (short wall) is open into the dining area, other short wall opens to the back patio through double-doors. Cabinet/counter depth can be standard or deeper on one side to accommodate a deeper range.

Our kitchen remodel will be somewhat high-end, we plan to live in this house forever so we don't mind spending money, but at the same time we don't want to ridiculously waste money on things that are unnecessary. At this time my wife is not fond of the drop-in range top and a separate wall oven but I may be able to convince her so I'm open to suggestions of separate appliances.

Must haves for oven:

1) Electric, true convection (European convection) that will bake evenly, not the homeowner grade "convection"

2) At least 1 easy glide rack

3) Auto-clean

4) At least 550 bake temp (for baking pizzas etc)

5) broil

6) 30-36" width (may be able to do 48" but don't need it so I would have to be convinced)

Additional desires for oven:

1) Hidden elements

2) Soft close door

3) Dehydrate mode

4) delayed cook, timed cook etc

Range top must haves:


2) At least one high-power/fast-boil burner (18k BTU minimum)

3) Comes in LP or can be easily/cheaply converted to LP

4) Continuous grates for sliding things to the side

5) At least one burner capable of a low simmer

6) easy to clean (open burners must have an easy-clean system in place to allow easy cleaning under/around burners)

Range top desires:

1) Control knobs not front mounted (on range/oven combos; we have kids and knobs in reach of the kids can be a risk), top-front is ok

2) Flat top griddle option (preferably something that can be added in place of burner grates without creating hot-spots on the griddle)

If any of these must-haves or desires seem crazy, unnecessary, or out of place I'm open-minded and willing to listen to reason. Please give me your opinion.

That being said, ultimately I want QUALITY. I'm willing to pay more for quality, but hate paying just for a name... I really like the look of the features on the Capital Connoisseurian but I read a few bad reviews and blogs, one big complaint was the height inside the oven. I'm not tied to any one brand, but I don't want "cheapo"...

Lastly, a bit of detail on me and what I want to do. Just a home cook, I enjoy perfecting recipes, making excellent food, and feeding my family with wholesome made from scratch meals. I also do home canning etc. I like to bake from-scratch breads and make my own pizza from scratch (including the sauce from home-grown tomatoes). My wife bakes cakes occasionally for friends/family gatherings etc but she isn't doing that as much now that we have multiple kids...

Any recommendations on brand, models, setups, or general advice are all welcome.
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