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Discussion in 'Pastries & Baking' started by fallon01, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. fallon01


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    Hello there. This is my first post here, although I have read through some of the topics in the past and found this site to be pretty helpful.

    I work in a facility that is about to start making retail baked goods. The first product we are making is a basic peanut butter cookie, and the next product will be brownies.

    I need to get a commercial mixer for us to use in our production processes. The cookie dough is pretty thick, and we mix it up in batches of ~15 quarts of dough. I was thinking about getting a 20qt mixer, but looking online at my options, there are many kinds, and I was hoping someone here might be able to give me some direction as to what kind of mixer is good for what.

    Affordability is key, but I want to make sure I choose a piece of equipment that will last, and actually perform as we need it to.


    Need recommendations for an affordable commercial mixer that will hold up when making large batches of cookies several times a week. Each batch is roughly 15qts of thick dough.

    If any additional advice is needed, please let me know.


    EDIT: This is what I'm looking at now, but it's so much cheaper than everything else that I worry about it's quality/intended purpose.
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