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I have a situation at work currently I am a executive sous at a casino and about 6 months ago i was told with the new expansion and new venues opening since they were all built on opposite side of the casino they wanted to hire another ex sous to run those 2 venues and a room service kitchen for the new hotel wings. I understand this makes sense it's a hell of a walk and adds a total of 8 venues to oversee with the ex chef and myself...but i am getting pretty paranoid about this situation. I have never been written up or had any kind and disciplinary actions against me but should i get the hell out of dodge? My cooks are coming to me about rumors that i will be let go once everything is settled and opened and i am starting to freak a little while still keeping my side of the house in order.. I have called a meeting with the ex chef who is known to not to do conflict and sugar coat answers so i also called a meeting with the director of hospitality who was the old ex chef and pretty much tells you how it is. The last conversation i had with the director and all the new changes he assured me i was doing a good job and we would be talking more if i wasn't. So should i believe them or should i fire up the resume and get out? Any one have advice?
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I think you'll be fine. I worked at a couple of resorts (same environment as a casino basically), and rumors feed those who don't have enough to do. If you were told you were doing fine, you're doing fine. I'd sit tight and keep doing your job as best as you can. When I worked at the Marriott, they had a chef and sous at every venue. Each restaurant had their own staff. So I wouldn't worry. If they're smart, they'll staff accordingly because they have to keep the guests in mind and don't want to drop the ball. Especially in the kitchen. However, I always kept my resume up to date. Just in case...

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