Need advice about production career move.

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    Hi guys,

    So I've recently applied for a job in a company that runs several market stores including a bakery, butchers and juice bar to name a few. The position is in their production kitchen supplying the various stores with fresh ready to eat meals. I've been a chef for 7 years and have worked at high end restaurants in my area all my career. I have a lot of experience in management roles (Sous mostly) but I have always been is a commercial level, a la carte styled kitchen. So my question is; does anyone have any advice on what it would be like changing to a production environment?

    My interview for the position is tomorrow and the advert listed such requirements as

    • Creating new gourmet products for our stores

    • Cooking within a high production environment

    • Leading a team of Cooks and Kitchen Hands

    • Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene

    • Passion for the food industry and great ideas for future product lines
    Thanks in advance :)
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    Maybe too late for a reply, but the key to being successful in a high volume kitchen of that type is proper planning and use of planning tools. Production sheets, prep sheets and usage sheets are your most important tools followed closely by recipes and inventory spreadsheets/software.