Need a recipe for shop-like wafers?

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Dear Anyone.

I really just joined to ask this one - how are wafers made? The kind you get in the shops, often for ice-cream, the rectangular very thin biscuits sometimes with a pattern of squares or cross-hatching over them ?

NOT the little round biscuits I keep coming across when I google, but the proper ones like you get in shops, for ice-creams, sometimes they're in layers with chocolate between the layers....... I've always wanted to know how they're made, not just the recipe but the process would be nic.e....

Don't want much for a first post, do I??

Yours hopefully

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I don't know if I am thinking of the same thing you are (it's sort of like oblaten); my guess is that it's made in the same way a waffle or Italian pizzelle is made - the batter is poured onto the bottom part of a waffle iron; the top comes down and a minute or so later, you have a cookie, and it can be cut into triangles or whatever shape you need....
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...and they can be molded around a cone while warm to make those waffle cones for ice cream.

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