Need a pastry specialist, hope you can help me!!!

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I hope I will find somebody to answer my request cos, it's very important for this year!
I would like to have some precise definition about pastry and especially about waffle as I am working on waffles!
Here are the words I need a definition for :
to fill
to remove from the mould, or demould
aceite vegetal
Muchas gracais por ayudarme,
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Can you please clarify your question? What is it that you need help with? Your English seems very good, so I don't think you need a translation for aceite vegetal (vegatable oil). Do you want a Spanish translation for those other terms?
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Sorry, I think I was a bit tired when I wrote you my e-mail, that's why I finished the mail in Spanish!:bounce:

I need the English definition of the terms I gave you, as I am working on pastry and above all waffle, I need definition from a forum, even when I know the definition (what's the case for most words), because I have to write the source from which I took them. I know it may seem a little weird, and it is, but I have no choice!
Hope you'll be able to help me.
Here are the words again :
to fill (dough, for waffles)
acidifier (used as an additive in pastry)
to remove from mould (pastry)
vegetable oil
Thank you so much!

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