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Okay had a phone interview and it went well enough for a face to face. The GM and i already were game planning on what we'd like to see get done as the company i work for just took over the account. He introduced me to the District Mgr and even called the nutrionist down for her to meet me as well. My gut tells me i got the job and he said by wednesday they would make their final decision. But he said one thing that kind of bothered me. The previous company had their supervisor apply and he said they had to interview her. Now from what he said in the walk around the imventory and ordering have been messed up.

Am i just being paranoid? He already said i was the top candidte. And if i think about it he sounded like he wasnt looking forward to interviewing her.

Opinions? Questions?
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It's slightly unprofessional of him to be discussing other candidates with you, in my opinion, but it's not uncommon these days. Since you have no control over the interview with the other person, I wouldn't let it worry you.
You have returned the best interview you could and have given them a strong, positive option.

Good luck

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