Need a new drinks recipe "Classic Punch"

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Hi there, would just like to introduce myself as im new to the forum, my name is Lee Knowles, im and from Suffolk, United kingdom.

I finally have a patent on the name "classic Punch" the drink name is based on a current racehorse which i have connections with, (Trained by David Elsworth who trains some of my other horses)

Anyway ill cut to the chase, i have 2 major companies who are interested in my product idea and who have both offered to use their spirits in the recipe once completed, So i come to YOU!

I Need a "classic punch" recipe either from your past experience or if you have some spare fruit juices knocking around!
As in the name the drink is "Punch" Based with the alchohol content being rum, ive scanned the internet for recipes however they are mostly "Wedding punches" "fruity summer punches" etc etc and i need something abit more.. well... "Classical" My ideal answer would be a drink that is quite similar to the drink "Pimms" which is obviously widely fruit based but has no dominating fruit in the flavor...

Any help will be very much appreciated, and if your recipe is used, (or tweaked) hopefully we can get in contact about some sort of gift!

Thankou for your time in advance and i hope you can help!

Many regards, Lee.
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I have always followed the traditional caribbean punch recipe

1 of sour (limes or lemons juice

2 of sweet (demerara sugar)

3 of strong (that'd be the rum!)

4 of weak (fruit juices or lemonade etc

Those figures are 'parts' ie one part sour, 2 part sweet, 3 part strong 4 parts weak.  And in the winter time, I'd add some ground ginger or nutmeg to make it a hot punch.
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Thanks alot ishbell, ill give it a crack soon! gonna let more people give me recipe ideas though so i dont have to go to waitrose a million times to add diferent ingredients :D
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