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i was approached with a task to come up with some dishes for a group that my company will be catering for a few days (4 days). this group will be eating breakfast and dinner. i am have came up with most of the menu but i have a few people that will require special dishes due to allergies. i have some things in mind but i need to offer different things every day. the people i am having trouble with is someone that cant have dairy, gluten, grain, soy, and sugar.

if there is any leads out there i would like to hear them

Thank you for your time!

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You can make fresh fruit and veggie platters with dips like hummus or spiced eggplant purees. Take a little from every culture on earth you have plenty of options, even for someone with so many "allergies"
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Did you mean to say just one person? If possible, I would suggest contacting them directly to ask for some assistance in planning their menu. I have found that people with food issues take it as a sign of genuine concern and caring on your part to ask them what they like rather than plan a menu without their input. That way you get a more suitable answer and they get a more suitable meal. 

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